How to Get Great Customer Success Stories

Ok question: Did you buy our product because the pricing was the best in the market?

Better question: How did pricing factor into your buying decision?

Here are some generic questions that give you a good start for most customer interviews:

  • What prompted you to look for a new product/service?
  • Why did you choose our product/service?
  • How have things changed for your company since you started using our product/service?
  • What are some of your favorite features, and why?
  • What is it like working with our company?
  • What advice would you give other companies like yours who are looking for a solution?

Is there anything that I forgot to ask?

People rarely say anything new, but they often restate information more succinctly or clearly. This might be because they’ve warmed up enough, or because they realize that the torture is almost over so they can let it all hang out. Whatever it is, it is a great way to end a call.



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Alison Harris

Alison Harris


All things B2B marketing. Former virtual CMO, now in-house bizdev. I founded content calendar software PlanITPDQ. Constantly curious. alisonhms[at]