Is That Free Content Calendar Template Any Good?

If you scroll even briefly on Twitter, you’ll see tons of marketers offering their free content calendar template. Are they worth it? Does it make sense to download and use one of these templates, or should you invest in professional software?

If you are like most marketers, content marketing has moved beyond a niche idea into the mainstream. Yet while B2B marketers are hiring more people and producing more content, only one third of them feel their use of content marketing technology is above an intermediate level. And one third of B2B marketers think their content management efforts are poor. Clearly, marketers have some work to do in using marketing technology to improve their content management.

Better management certainly drives better outcomes, and a content calendar is an excellent content management framework. Any solution is better than no solution, but before you make the leap into a free content calendar template, consider the following:

Whose Content Calendar Template is it, Anyway?

Platform Matters.

Team Tools Rule.

Analytics & Integrations.

What If …

The End of the Year Isn’t the End of Your Marketing.

User Experience Matters.

Hey, Free is Free!

Your Time is Not Free.

We are all for organization and content management! We want you to succeed! So if a free content calendar template is what works for you, then by all means don’t wait to get started. (And here are some reasons to start your content marketing organization today…)

If you’re ready for a professional content calendar solution, we’re here for you. Start your PlanItPDQ account today, take advantage of our insight and how-to resources, and get organized. You can do it — and we can help.

Originally published at on April 26, 2019.

All things B2B marketing. Former virtual CMO, now in-house bizdev. I founded content calendar software PlanITPDQ. Constantly curious. alisonhms[at]

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