How to Market Complex Products to B2B Audiences: Break it Down

Break it Down by Topic

You want to educate your prospect, but part of that is making it easy to learn. Create a list of every topic you can think of that could help your customer make his or her decision. Now organize those topics in outline form, with main bullets and sub-bullets. Each of those main bullets has the potential to be its own piece of content. Support each main story with sidebars, graphics, and callouts, and you have a very engaging piece of content that can help guide your prospect through the sales funnel.

Break it Down by Market

Do you offer your product or service to specific markets, such as manufacturing, healthcare, retail, or energy? If so, create multiple versions of your piece, with each one tailored to focus on issues and challenges of the individual market. When you break your piece down by market, you create highly focused content that will resonate with your prospects.

Break it Down by Channel

The next strategy is to break down each piece of content for specific channels. Carve out certain pieces for your blog — today’s protocol is supportive of blog posts with 1,500+ words, and Google even rewards in-depth content by ranking it higher in search engines.

Build it Up

Once you’ve broken your content down, you’re not done. (Spoiler: you’re never done. Just accept it now.) You still have more opportunities to market your content by building it back up. Combine two or more bylines on related subjects to create an e-book, repackage text with infographics for a white paper … you get the gist.



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Alison Harris

Alison Harris


All things B2B marketing. Former virtual CMO, now in-house bizdev. I founded content calendar software PlanITPDQ. Constantly curious. alisonhms[at]