Building Your Content Library — Eight Ideas to Get Started

The most powerful way to connect with B2B customers is through education — people are eager to learn, and providing the information they need can help drive them right to your door. How can you help educate your prospective customers? The best place to start is by creating content you can use across all marketing channels, from outbound digital campaigns to inbound interactive campaigns. You control this portfolio of assets, which is why it’s called owned media. Here are some ideas on how to start building your content library.

Bylines and Editorial Content

Many companies have used bylines and other pieces to earn backlinks to their websites. Because these links come from B2B trade publications that are respected in their fields, these referral links can be very valuable for SEO.

This type of earned media in a leading publication is fantastic for marketing campaigns — create an outbound email campaigns promoting the byline, develop a Twitter and Facebook campaign, and share via LinkedIn. That sales support often generates new leads, and prompts contacts to connect.

Customer Success Stories

Customer testimonials are amazing because they are powerful and believable. You can develop these with your internal team, but we often find that this is a great place to hire an external content development firm — customers seem to find it a lot easier to tell someone outside the company all of the reasons why they love you, and why others should buy from you.

Good B2B customer stories demonstrate how business objectives are met. They outline business issues so that prospects can gain insight into solving their business issues. And they identify new areas where your product or service offers value.

When crafted correctly, a customer success story can advance the sale by demonstrating value and helping you build trust with your prospect.

Press Releases

Outbound Marketing Content

Ebooks and White Papers

Customer Presentations

Online and Social Content

Infographics, Stats, and Surveys

These are just some ideas to get you started on building your content library. Just a word of caution — with the rise of content marketing, there is a lot of bad content out there. If you are going to spend your time and resources, make sure you are developing the high quality, journalistic content that tells your story, engages your prospects throughout the sales funnel, and helps you close sales.

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